Cheats, Hacks and Generator for iOS and Android

On iPaddracula we are exclusively offering the Fortnite hack and aimbot, but beside us there are several other great websites, which are providing you with cheats, hacks and generator for many other games.

Basically every game which got microtransactions got some hacks, in which you can easily generate free items and other stuff. It works for Fortnite and of course also for other games. For iOS and Android games it is even easier than for MMORPG or Egoshooter.

kostenlose v-bucks

We made a small list with a few cheats and hacks you can find on one of Germany’s most popular website when it comes to cheats. It is called Atari-Gamer and is extremely popular among all kind of gamer. The huge advantage of this website is its incredible community, which is developing hacks and cheats for almost all games. Atari-Gamer is just the platform the people can publish their gaming hacks.


Clash Royale Hack Tool for unlimited free Gems and Coins

Since a few years Clash Royale is one of the most exciting mobile games. Millions of player worldwide are enjoying competing in this awesome game. Unfortunately you need lots of gems in order to be really successful. With the Clash Royale hack on Atari-Gamer it will be easy for you to cheat and hack Clash Royale just with a few clicks. It already proved how great it works. Thousands of gamer are running the Clash Royale hack every single day – be one of them!


WWE SuperCard Hack to get free credits

Are you also a big fan of WWE? Since this game was released for iOS and Android people all over the world downloaded and played it quite heavily. Also on here you have the chance to compete with others. Having credits will help you immensely to have even more fun. With the WWE SuperCard hack and several other cheats you will have a huge advantage over your competitors

sims mobile hack

Simoleon and SimCash for free with the Sims Mobile hack

Since March 2018 people love to play Sims Mobile. There is only a small problem: Also in EAs latest mobile game you need to have SimCash, which you can only get by spending a lot of money. The Sims Mobile Hack on Atari Gamer helps you to get exactly these items for free on your Android and iOS account. Right now the Sims Mobile hack is working perfectly for every tablet and smartphone.


Get the Empires & Puzzles hack for iOS and Android

Empires & Puzzles is pretty fun. You not only need a good common sense, but you also have to handle some tricky situations. With the Empire & Puzzles hack for Android and iOS you save yourself a huge amount of cash. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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