Are Psychics Real?

The first question many people interested in the occult and the psychic world ask is “Are psychics real?? Of course they are real, in the sense that they are living, breathing, human beings. But are their gifts real? In many cases yes indeed; in several cases partly, and the remainder are probably not psychic at all.

To choose a psychic for a reading, one must be careful to look into the credentials presented by the reader. Along with credentials one must also look for testimonials and

recommendations from a large group of people who have experienced the readings and have been entirely satisfied. There is nothing as convincing as a recommendation from a friend who has had a reading and was bowled over by the accuracy of the psychic.

To ask “are psychics real?? is one of the most difficult questions to answer. One person may have a reading with Madame X and be enthralled by the results, yet another client may come away bewildered and not at all sure that the psychic has touched on anything pertinent to his/her life.

To be sure that you are contacting a psychic with a good reputation, seek out the Canadian Association of Psychics, which will guide you to the best available readers.

Anyone can say that he/she is a psychic, but do your homework and find from friends and different psychic associations who really are the best.

Whatever you do, don’t plan your life around the reading you get. At best, you could receive some good advice and warnings, at worst you could be frightened and upset. In the long run, only you will be able to answer, because of the amount of clear and true information you receive in your readings, the question “are psychics real??

There are many celebrated psychics on the scene today, and obviously they have a devoted  following among the general population. Some of the best known are John Edward; Char Margolis; James Van Praag; Blair Robertson, and many more. These psychics seem to be able to see into the future with accuracy, and they publish predictions which can be read by everyone.

When checking predictions, be sure to keep a list of monthly or yearly prognostications and follow them closely. Mark an x by the ones that come true, and after a while you should have a good idea if the psychics you were following delivered. Psychics are people who supposedly can see into the future, whereas mediums go into trance and reunite clients with friends and family that have passed over.

When you ask the question “are psychics real?‘, you will receive many replies, depending on the person you ask. Many people have been burned by unscrupulous so-called psychics, and would warn you to keep away. And it is true that some ‘psychics’ are out for money and will, for a certain amount of cash, clear the ‘curse’ that they have found around you.

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Signs of psychic scam to look for when getting psychic reading

Although there are many real psychics all around the world, there are also a plenty of fake psychics whose only goal is to make money. So, how to know if the psychic reading you are getting is nothing else but a rip off scheme?
Unlike the real psychics who rely solely on their psychic abilities, the fake ones rely mostly on their intuition and the client’s trust and naivety. They are often good psychologists. As the psychic usually is the “authority? in your encounter, he/she would probably be the conversation leader. If you pay close attention to the way the conversation has been conducted, you might be able to detect if the other person is trying to fool you into believing that he/she is a real psychic. How?
Here are some signs of psychic scam to look for when getting psychic reading:

Asking leading questions
In contrast to the real psychics, the bogus ones will craftily make you give them a fair amount of information about yourself. They will ask you basic questions and listen closely to every single word you say as it will provide them with leads. Ones they “get the picture?, they will start guessing things that could obviously be happening.

The “name game?                                                                                                         Most likely fake psychic will say something like “I see a tall blond guy (or woman) very close to you?. Well, most people may not realize it at that time but it is clear that everyone must have a close relative or friend who is blond and is relatively tall. It could be husband, father, sister, brother, mother or boyfriend (girlfriend). And you really don’t have to be a psychic to know it. However, hearing that, you may automatically say: “Yes that must be my brother?. Now the “psychic? knows you have brother. Then she/he may continue: “Yes, I see he is thinking and worried about something…? Who doesn’t? And so on… Some of them may try to gain more credibility and state that they see a close to you person whose name starts with some common letter. Like the letter “J? for example. Again, the odds that there is such a person are very big. You are expected to exclaim: “Yes, this must be my best friend Jane?. If not, the bogus psychic will make a face as if struggling to see something more clear and will say something like: “I see the letter J – John, Jim, Jacqueline?? That may subconsciously trigger in you effort to remember. All the certain you will go: “Yes, Jim – my uncle?. Another statement in their repertoire is: “I see illness. Who is sick?? Therefore, after a bit of thinking you could say: “Oh, yeh! My poor aunt Betty! She got this bad heart decease?… And it looks like the psychic see things but all he/she does is guessing about trivial facts to unravel your “life story?.
The above is unlikely scenario when visiting real psychics. They would usually describe in details the person they see and events happening to him.

Guessing about most common events                                                                                 Besides names and people, the pseudo psychics often will get a “divination? for certain events that took place. They use only common ones like car accident or death of relative. I am not saying that the real psychics don’t mention such an event if they see it. The difference is that the fake psychics will ask you leading questions that will provide more clues. Real psychics will barely ask you questions. They just tell things as they see them.

Curse removal                                                                                                                Fake psychics will indubitably claim that they see heavy curse on you or your family member. That is the most common way to make good amount of money from people inclined to believe them. People with hefty love, health or other personal problems could be an easy target. In their search for solution they are disposed to pay to get their curse removed. In many occasions the curse removal process can take up to few sessions. It can get very costly.

In order to get more credibility some fake psychics employ a popular tactic for Self-promotion. During the course of your conversation they will occasionally mention things like how busy they are or tell you about the heavy curse they have just removed from a client. Contrariwise, the real psychics would less likely try to impress you and emphasize how good they are. They simply don’t need it.

In summary, it isn’t much difficult to spot a fake psychic. You just have stay alert during your visit and watch closely how the psychic conducts the reading. Remember, that the real psychics are able see with fair accuracy specific facts about you or events that are happening or happened in the past and no one besides you or very little people know about.

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What Do You Need to Know About Love Spells?

AmorIThe vast majority of people in this world are not aware of, nor do they care about love spells. Life is busy enough as it is. But there are people who are knowledgeable about these things and are willing, for a fee, to cast such a spell.  If they client requests it, the love psychic will concoct a potion that can be used in such events.

There was, in the 1800′s, a Louisiana Creole named Marie Laveau, who became known as the ‘voodoo queen of New Orleans’ because of her love spells, potions and incantations. She was widely known, and today they still speak of her in hushed tones…as if she might suddenly appear in the flesh and work her ‘magic’.

Marie was noted for her spells of all kinds, but was especially famous for her love spells. People from many parts of the state and farther abroad consulted her on their romantic difficulties.  Were her spells effective? We cannot know now, but she was certainly a much sought-after worker in the magical arts of the time.

To find a love psychic who specializes in spells, you need go no farther than some of the popular monthly magazines. There you will find ads for many different practitioners who promise to revive a dying romantic relationship, or bring a new love into one’s life. If you are thinking about consulting a love psychic you should do a bit of  homework before you go.

Love spells can be anything from the most innocent and simple rites to darker and perhaps sinister approaches.  Find out all you can before subjecting yourself to anyone calling him/herself a love psychic. There are many fake psychics out there and you need to be sure that you are dealing with someone who is authentic. You should also know that these spells can be dangerous to someone who is emotionally open to any suggestions.

Just watching a psychic prepare for and execute a spell can be upsetting, so you must be sure that you really want to go through with it. In any endeavor it is always better to find out as much as you can about the process before going through with it. Love spells are no different. So read what you can, ask people who might have had experience with a love psychic, and use common sense.

Marie Laveau no longer exists, but there are many who would copy her and promise things that cannot be delivered. Be aware of someone who tells you that he/she can restore a lost love, bring a couple closer together, or find a new romantic partner who is compatible in all aspects. If you still want to go through with it, don’t go with the expectation that all your love dreams will come true. Love spells are just that…spells that a psychic casts and the client believes in.

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How to Recognize Real Psychic vs. Fake Psychic

Are Psychics real? Just because someone advertises that they are a psychic does not mean that they  are real psychic. In shopping for a psychic, the fact is that there are many people saying they have psychic abilities who are not the least bit psychic. This means that you need to know how to recognize real psychics from fake psychics. The only way to do this is to do some investigating. Continue reading

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Am I Psychic? – Ways to Find Out

How often we wish that we were psychic and could know in advance exactly what is going to happen. Whether that would be a good or bad thing is up for discussion. But it would certainly be of help sometimes to know the outcome of a situation beforehand. Asking yourself “Am I psychic??will not give you an answer, but if you believe that you have premonitions that often come true, you just might like to explore that possibility. Continue reading

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How Can a Love Psychic Help You?

If you are struggling with your love life, or lack of same, you might opt to see a love psychic. Perhaps you are wondering if such a person really has any powers to improve your romantic situation, or is it all just a scam? Continue reading

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Are Voodoo Spells Black Magic?

To find out if voodoo spells are black magic, we must first see what black magic is and how it works. Black magic, also known as necromancy, sorcery or demonology, deals with the darkness if life….death and separation. Black magic works to sever emotional ties between people and families. It is practised for evil purposes, and it is often referred to as being in league with the devil, evil spirits, or other nefarious beings. Continue reading

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Love Spells

When people lose a loved one, whether by separation, death, or abandonment, they often seek help from psychics, or go to a person who specializes in love spells. The idea is to find a replacement for the lost love, and there are psychics who advertise  that they can bring that special someone into your life. Continue reading

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